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Gas Fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace bring warmth and cosiness to your home.  Watch the fire dance in your room as the outside cold melts away.  A Gas fireplace is a great place for the family to gather, pulling up a chair, reading a book, or enjoying many other of your favourite indoor activities.  Platinum heating and BBQ have a huge range of Gas fireplaces, whether free standing or inbuilt, they will bring ambiance and comfort to your home. 

Unlike a traditional fireplace the tasks of collecting wood, cleaning out ash, as well as the lingering smell of smoke is illuminated.  Enjoy all comfort of an open fire without the hassles associated with a wood fired fireplace.

Our gas fireplaces can be installed to run with either natural gas or LPG, giving you the flexibility to operate from either the gas mains or through supplied gas bottles.

Today’s Gas fireplaces are incredibly energy efficient, producing plenty of heat to warm your home, whilst sipping on the minimal amount of Gas or LPG.  Not only are gas fireplaces good for the environment but are also great for your hip pocket.

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Regency F33 Small Gas Freestanding Heater
Regency F33 Small Gas Freestanding  Come Home to a classic gas log fire and view the full, r..
Ex Tax: $3,319.09
Regency FG39 Large Gas Freestanding Heater
Regency FG39 Large Gas Freestanding  These Regency gas log fires feature the finest, mo..
Ex Tax: $4,044.55
Regency Gemfire54 Gas Fireplace
Regency Gemfire Contemporary Gas Fireplace The Regency landscape Gemfire offers a wide angle view..
Ex Tax: $6,817.27
Regency GreenFire GF1500L
The Regency Greenfire™ provides an immense linear view of the best in class flame and log package th..
Ex Tax: $7,452.73
Regency Greenfire GF900C Gas Fireplace
Regency Greenfire GF900C  Contemporary Gas Fireplace The Regency Greenfire™ adds modern expr..
Ex Tax: $5,770.91
Regency Greenfire GF900L Gas Fireplace
Regency Greenfire GF900L Contemporary Gas Fireplace The Regency Greenfire™ adds modern expre..
Ex Tax: $5,907.27
Regency I - 31 Gas Inbuilt
Regency I - 31 Gas Inbuilt  This popular gas inbuilt provides 31MJ to efficiently heat a med..
Ex Tax: $2,453.64
Regency IG - 34 Gas Inbuilt   .The IG-34 gas log inbuilt offers the features of ro..
Ex Tax: $3,499.09
Regency Panorama PG33 Gas Fireplace
Regency Panorama PG33 Small Gas Fireplace There are over 25 ways to customise the look and feel o..
Ex Tax: $3,635.45
Regency Panorama PG36 Gas Fireplace
Regency Panorama PG36 Medium Gas Fireplace There are over 25 ways to customise the look and ..
Ex Tax: $4,433.64