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Portable heaters are unflued. Their gas outpu..
The brand of the BBQ will depend upon whether..
Our showroom in Miranda has a large selection..
Depending upon the state/territory you live i..
All gas log fires have different measurements..


BBQ’s come in all ranges and sizes and sometimes it is difficult to figure out which one will be best for you. Majority of the time buying a BBQ comes after throwing an old one away so you will have some idea of what features you will like a.. text_read_more
Majority of the BBQ’s we supply can either be Bottle gas (LPG) or Natural Gas (NG). It is a question that is always asked when purchasing a BBQ as some manufacturers will produce the product already in Natural Gas and you can walk straight o.. text_read_more
These three options will depend upon your property as well as your lifestyle. There are some BBQ’s which have the option of a cart but can also be portable so if you are a traveler and wish to use your BBQ whilst your away this will be the o.. text_read_more
Using gas and charcoal at once can be very dangerous. Majority of manufacturers will not have the option for both and advise against using both fuel types at once.  Using Natural Gas (NG) or Bottle Gas (LPG) gas is very convenient and all.. text_read_more
We accept payment by direct debit. You must wait for money clearance into bank account for goods to be delivered, this may take up to 3 days. We also accept PayPal payments, there is no clearance waiting time for PayPal payments. If you would like t..
Depending upon the state/territory you live in council regulations will vary and it is always best to check with your local council on what rules to follow.  ..
As we are a premium Weber dealer all of our specialist models are unable to be sold online. For these popular products you will need to see us at either our showroom location or our warehouse. If you are not in our local area please click on the link to see..
Ethanol is a fuel used to burn inside heaters to create a lasting flame. Most ethanol heaters have a cartridge inside that you need to refill at certain times depending on how frequently you use them. You can purchase ethanol containers from numerous locati..
All gas log fires have different measurements at the front and back of the heater. These specifications vary so much with each unit that measurements are required to see what will work best for you. If you have an existing fireplace that you would like to i..